The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Meet the Team

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THE BEGINNING...Founders : Cleopatra , Cody
Admin : Angel

Cody : Home Town : Canada
Resigned in June : 2009 -  our FB Page Team's GodMother

Angel : Home Town : Canada
Admin Inactive from March 2009


Founder and Moderator
Home Town : Greece
Described by Sam: Brilliant marketing mind, able to start from scratch and create an empire. Responsible for this wonderful web meeting point. She is a fantastic writer. for more info on her writing projects, go to:
Key words: Affectionate, devoted, multitasking
Follow Cleopatra on twitter: @ArcCleo

Home Town : Greece
Described as: Our Bella! She was the winner of our Essay Contest!
Key Words : Creative, Funny and Imaginative
Follow Rafaela on twitter: @rafaelacullen

Home Town : Greece
Described as: Artistic Nature. She is a huge Edward Cullen Fan and she sent us some her art work for our banner contest. ( The New Moon Edward Quote picture is hers)
Key Words : Artistic, Caring, Defender of her loved ones
Follow Sam on twitter: @samouki

Comment Moderator
Home town: The Netherlands
Described as: the other half of our WebMistress, Chanty, the logical and funny part.
 Key Words : logical, funny and high savvy guy!
Follow Titus on twitter: @Titus_D

Home Town : The Netherlands
Discribed as: Creative Mind and along with her Hubs are a great couple and people. She was the winner of our Banner Contest. She is a Digital Illistrator, Photographer, Graphics and Webdesigner. for more info on her art, go to:
Key Words : Creative, Artistic, Dark Fairy
Follow Chanty on twitter: @FANGTORIOUS

Home Town : Germany
Described as: ...
Key Words : ...
Follow Gabriella on twitter: @uhwii

Home Town : Venezuela , Currently Staying in the States
Described as: Twitter Addict. She is responsible for our Official Twitter Account
Key Words : Impulsive, Squee and Woot Woot (her motto)
Follow Gabriella on twitter: @gcgonc

Lydia (Resigned 02/2010)
Home Town : Malaysia
Described as: She was asked to be part of our Admin's Team in March of 2009. One of our first loyal fans
Key Words: Passionate, Loyal and diplomatic
Follow Lydia on twitter: @lydz80

Liana (inactive)

Home Town : Indonesia
Described as: Our first runner up winner of the Essay Contest.
Key Words : Loyal, Loving and a Sis!
Follow Liana on twitter: @lgunara

Arwad (Inactive)

Home Town : Panama
Described as: We met her in a thread. She was with us as a fan from the beginning. In Our Essay Contest came third
Key Words : Caring, loves to interact with our FB fans.
Follow Arwad on twitter: @twi_af

Ryan (Inactive)

Home Town : South Africa
Described as: Our First Twilight Guy. The winner of our first contest and creator of our Avatar.
Key Words : Polite, Funny and Gentleman
Follow Ryan on twitter: @tybolt92

Kai (Inactive)

Home Town : Canada
Described as: Our Second Twilight Guy. Mon Chef General.
Key Words : Witty! Great Sense of Humour and Meggalicious ~winks~
Follow Kai on twitter: @Kairocanuck