The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gil Birmingham...Has A Colorful Soul

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Hey Everyone,
This is a special day and we have a special post :)

NOTE: This interview is an exclusive interview that Gil Birmingham gave to our ArcCleo. You are not allowed to reproduce without crediting the source, TeamEdwardPOV and ArcCleo aka Cleopatra. F. All rights reserved worldwide

It is an interview I did in Twilight Convention in Rome with Gil Birmingham. You are going to learn some things about his new project that is called Shouting Secrets and more... 

 Gil Birmingham as Cal in Shouting Secrets

We have been introduced to each other and the first thing he told me is “Hi I am Jill, I mean Gil.” As it seems we, the Europeans, pronounce the name in its feminine version. (For my Greek friends, Jill is pronounced Τζίλ while Gil is pronounced Γκίλ)

Although he had a knee injury, he was standing for the Photos with the fans without complaining at all. He was charming and the soul of the panel, understanding and composed with a smile on his face. He was joking with his fellow actors and friends. When they asked him to play the guitar he did and amazed us all with his INXS Cover of Love Tear Us Apart.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Gil Birmingham has a colorful soul and this interview with him was something I will never forget. Read below and you will see why.


Would you like to tell us more about your new movie with Chaske? It is called Shouting Secrets, right?

Yes, Shouting Secrets is a story of a family dealing with the history of the interactions between the different members. When one member tells the stories of the family in a book and then that book becomes a best seller. The writer of the book separates from the family and starts living in the big city, enjoying the big life being a celebrity. He is not revisited his origins for many years until his mother befalls sick and he is forced to come back and deal with all the tension, resentments and the love that still really exists between all the different family members and how they have come to a resolution with that.

It was hard to play that character while Chaske played another, considering your history with Twilight and your dynamic? Or you had chemistry so it was easier for you to fight?

Yes, we have a chemistry because we have done 5 movies together already, it's not just Twilight. And we have great trust between us to be able to access that emotional body that was necessary for these characters. It's like two people kind of jumping off a cliff together and trusting each other and what would come from that. So, it was really a wonderful experience to deal at safe with another actor.

I didn't know you have done five movies with Chaske because in Greece, we don't have a detailed distribution of Indies productions.


I will try to find some of your movies through Amazon to see you performing.

Yes, there are some really good movies we have done together. They weren't big blockbusters like Twilight, some were small independent movies. Most people haven't seen them but the experiences we shared together are so important for us.

It is so sad that some indie films are not being distributed like the mainstream films. I know for instance that you have a big acting career but I just cannot recall any of your other films. As fans we would like to know more about them but as it seems these days the Twilight franchise outshines / covers everything.

Yeah, some other movies we have done we were not major characters in. So, Shouting Secrets will be a great instrument or venue to watch Chaske and I, Q'orianka that plays my daughter. We have larger roles throughout the film and we were very grateful for that opportunity.

You are an active blogger! You really like communicating with the fans. You have a facebook account, a twitter account and a website. How much time do you spend on the Internet?

It depends how busy I am. From the First of this year I have been pretty much on the road, doing projects up until now. So I always read what they fans post and get time I try to respond. But at the same time, as you understand it is not easy to answer to all the fans. It's impossible.

What is your favorite destination? (location in the world?)

I live in California and absolutely love it there. But, since Twilight I have done a little more traveling abroad. I have been to Greece, Brazil, Venezuela.

You have been in Greece? (Sorry couldn't help it!)

I was in Athens some few years ago. I remember that it was crowded in Athens, when I was there! But I stayed in Athens a few days, because I am one of those people that love to see the countryside. I took a tour around Peloponnese and I went to Delphi and Olympia and a lot of the ruins in the countryside. But, I would love to go back, especially to Santorini!

Yes, the sunset, sunrise is amazing!

Lastly, You are a great entertainer! I loved the INXS cover you played with your guitar. Have you done an album?

Well, maybe in the future.

I would be looking forward to it! Thank you very much for your time!

It was my pleasure Thank You!

NOTE: This interview is an exclusive interview that Gil Birmingham gave to our ArcCleo. You are not allowed to reproduce without crediting the source, TeamEdwardPOV and ArcCleo aka Cleopatra. F. All rights reserved worldwide


  1. Thank you so much for this great interview with Gil Birmingham !!! I loved it !!! really apreciate this wonderful Actor .

  2. Dear Zelia,

    I am glad you enjoy reading this interview...
    I enjoyed talking with him too :)