The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Breaking Dawn footage to showcase at Empire Big Screen in London and also in Dublin Movie Fest?

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New Breaking Dawn footage to be shown at Empire Big Screen in London. thanks for @RobstenDreams for the tip. EOne confirm Breaking Dawn footage at Big Screen At Empire Movie Con 1 we got clips from Twilight. At Empire Movie Con 2 we got clips from New Moon. At Empire Movie Con 3 we got ... NOTHING. WE HAD NO TWILIGHT SAGA CLIPS. How did we cope?? Fear not though, as Empire Big Screen have just confirmed that there will be exclusive Breaking Dawn footage this weekend. HOORAY! I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a soft spot for the Twilight films. With the exception of New Moon, I loved the other two. Breaking Dawn also means that Michael Sheen is back. Michael Sheen as a vampire. ALL I NEED. The Breaking Dawn footage will be screened during the EOne showcase on Saturday morning and is for diamond ticket holders only. Diamond day tickets are still available to buy! If you've chosen to live your life having seen none of the Twilight films, why don't you allow yourself a moment of madness and see the first three at Big Screen. Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse will be shown on Sunday. Bringing Hollywood to London - The Live Movie Event Bringing Hollywood to London - The Live Movie Event
Coming to The O2 this Summer.... Empire, the world's biggest movie magazine, will present BIG SCREEN. Taking place from 12-14 August 2011, BIG SCREEN is a must-see event for all movie fans, appealing to all ages and spanning all genres. See the biggest and most anticipated films first
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From Irish TwiSisters - The Dublin Movie Fest this Saturday (with possible "Breaking Dawn" footage) Cineworld's upcoming Movie Fest and the possibility of getting to see the Breaking Dawn clips shown at Comic Con last month. To confirm this, we contacted the organiser of the event and found out that although they know for definite that the trailer will be shown, they're still unsure about the Comic-Con footage that they were originally guaranteed. If the footage does run, however, it will be on the Saturday - which, if you really need a vampire fix, also has a screening of Colin Farrell's new vampire movie 'Fright Night'. There has also been confirmation that footage from Kellan Lutz's newest film 'Immortals' will be shown on the Saturday - the same day we'd hopefully be getting the Breaking Dawn Footage. Doors open at 10am and the first movie starts at 10.30am. You can book Saturday tickets by dropping into Cineworld or you can book online by clicking here.

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