The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Review *No Spoilers*

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Hey Everyone,
Yes I am from the lucky ones who have seen the movie. It is a tradition to write a review with No Spoilers to all of you. So here I am. I just got home and I keep writing. 

Breaking Dawn is my favorite book from the saga and the movie well, what I have seen so far, made me remember all those things that made me love the book. 

I won't give spoilers. Bill Conton did an amazing job. The colors of the movie are different (as in every film).
The first part that we all wanted to see is there, the ceremony, the wedding reception, Isle Esme and of course the whole pregnancy, which is by the way very realistic. It was great to see all the Cullens, Quillettes and Humans, also the newbies. I really liked Ashley's new hairdo. Kellan was nice. Jackson and Nikki, Billy, God you will LOVE Billy! Liz and Peter. You will see! and that is all I can say. 

The soundtrack is amazing. Carter Burwell did an amazing job on the score and Alexandra Patsavas with the  OST.

I got a bit emotional when I saw the actors I have met during the TwiCons. BooBoo for instance has grown up to a very lovely young man. Gil was amazing as always. Justin was funny, Alex was tough. Charlie and Daniel I won't say (you will see why). I wish I was from those lucky ones who got to meet a lot more, but I am happy with all those I have met and interacted with. (Yes Guri I am talking about you! :P)

I know that you haven't realized it but the end is near. It is/was a great time doing this. I have tried to stay true to my values, and I have succeeded, for that I am proud. Thanks to all those where with us all those years. It was a blessing to have you around!


P.S. As Peter Facinelli said earlier and Jackson Rathbone commented Don't Leave Before the Credits....
There is something you have to see...

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