The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Guri Weinberg is a true gentleman

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Hey Everyone,
Kalispera from Athens. I know it's been a while since you have seen me but here I am. As promised I have material from Twilight ItaCon2 so here is an interview I really enjoy doing.
I had the privilege to talk to Guri Weinberg and met his wife Tammy Lauren. If you haven't seen them both live I suggest you should. They are the bomb team :) They are simple, down to earth, chatty and kind. I haven't seen "stars" interact with fans so easily and having so much fun being around us. Guri said that his wife taught him how important fans are. After interacting with Tammy, I realized how true that was.

Here are some questions that will give you more information about the Notorious Guri Weinberg. Enjoy!
Guri Weinberg, you can also see Bill Tangradi behind him

Q.Can you share with us something fascinating that happened on BD set?

G.W: There are some fascinated things but they are kind of a surprise for the dvd. And that’s hard to share because I will ruin the surprise.

Q.Did Stephenie reveal to you where did the Romanians go after they have left the Cullens?

G.W: (surprised) No, we didn’t talk about it. She didn’t actually…

Q.You praized Mackenzie Foy (on a blog entry). Can you share with us one of her traits that made her memorable or special for you?

G.W.: What is so special about Mackenzie, is that being a child actor is very very difficult. Because you have to do school, at the same time as work. And when you are coming into a big movie like this, as a child you get nervous, you get all that. She is so intelligent, so professional, so kind and respectful. I hope that when I have a kid, that I couldn’t have one like her. She is an amazing child.

Q. Reading your blog I found a specific entry explaining to us how you got the roles for Munich and Breaking Dawn. I wanted to ask do you like writing? And If yes, have you considered writing your own stories?

G.W.: I actually have written some, still working on it. I love writing and I do write.

Q. What kind of roles do intrigue you?

G.W.: I like roles where a character is flawed. Any human that has something to scrubble with, to overcome because to me that is human. That’s why I don’t like to do perfect characters, no one is perfect.

Q: Do you have a new project you would like to share with us?

G.W.:Not right now

Q: What is the most difficult thing you had to do when you are preparing for a role?

G.W. The dialect is the hardest. Finding information about the era or about a person is much easier than it is perfecting a dialect and make it real. Because if you don’t do the dialect real, the audience will see that and say “what is that?” So, the dialect is always the hardest. It is very very important to get it right.

I have a last question that I wanted to ask him BUT someone else asked it during the day. But I think you should all need to know his answer...So here it is : 
Q:Would you like to play in a movie where your wife would be as well? 

G.W. I would love to play in a movie with my wife. Being Tammy's Nemesis. (How cool is that?)

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