The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jackson Rathbone Distracts Staff at Cosmo

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Jackson Rothbone stopped by the offices of Cosmopolitan Magazine, here is what he had to say
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Jackson Rathbone stopped by Cosmopolitan magazine, and apparently the staff didn’t get any work done…fancy that
“Jackson Rathbone, the scruffy looker who plays Jasper in the Twilight series and , stopped by the Cosmo offices yesterday afternoon. In possibly related news, Cosmo staffers did not get a whole lotta work done yesterday afternoon.
We took him on a tour of the office—he commented on how nice it was to be around so many good-smelling women after being on a tour bus with a bunch of guys—then we sat him down to ask him questions you ladies came up with. (We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans to let us know what they were dying to ask Jackson. We chose a few of our favorites. So, if your Q is below you can pretty much tell people that you interviewed a Twilight star.)
Oh and by the way, when we told him that we were going to grill him, he was totally game, saying “I love a barbecue!”
You grew up with a sisters so you probably have a good idea about how women’s minds work. But what’s the one thing you’ll never understand about us?
Everything having to do with grooming! Their need to put on makeup and wear fancy clothing. I think a girl looks good when she wakes up with nothing on her face.
What’s the craziest way a fan has gotten your attention?
It’s really weird when people just start yelling and running at you. It makes me want to yell and run. The other way. It’s just sort of my natural human reaction. But I’ve been in a bar when someone comes up to me and just says, “I enjoy your work.” It’s really nice. And that doesn’t make me want to run the other way.”
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