The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daemon’s Movies Talks to Tinsel Korey

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Daemon’s Movies chats with Tinsel Korey about Twilight and her upcoming work in Fishing Naked with Bronson Pelletier.Pictured is Tinsel going through the effects make-up process.

At Comic-Con people camped our for two days to be at the panel for ‘Twilight’. Has the level of intense fandom had an effect on you and your career?

Tinsel Korey: Obviously it opens doors, in a way, having something big like that, absolutely. I don’t know if the level of work has gone further. I already had a career that was sort of building before ‘Twilight’. So it definitely gave it a little bit of a bump, but I was already going in that direction anyways and so it just sort of kept that steady pace of work for me.

In terms of interacting with people who recognize you, has that changed?

Tinsel Korey: I actually don’t get recognized. Last night, it was so funny, I was walking with Booboo and everyone recognized Boo Boo [Stewart], but because have of my face is covered with a massive scar and for the first two films I had bangs I look very different without that whole entire thing. Also, it’s like I’m dressed down in the movie, like, buttoned up plaid shirts and stuff like that. So, I actually don’t get recognized as much as the other guys because I have half my face covered with a massive scar.

That can be a blessing, right, so that you can live a normal life without getting mobbed wherever you go?

Tinsel Korey: Yeah, totally. Obviously, I like it. I’m more than happy to sign for fans and take pictures with fans as well, but it’s kind of nice having that anonymity and do which is what I do as an actor which is people watch. So, if everyone was watching me I definitely wouldn’t be able to delve into my craft as much as I can now where I can observe people and do what I do as an artist.

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